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The Game Guide to City Domination

1. Choose a Team

Whether you want to join forces with your best friends or favorite club, you can team up and mark the map for your squad.

2. Make a move and claim parts of your city

Run. Walk. Fast. Slow. As long as you’re moving, you can claim any part of town for your team.

3. Collect Coins and Use Powerups

Every block you own will pay you coins that you can use to increase your ability to claim blocks in your city. Claim as many blocks as possible to increase your coin earnings.

4. Accelerate your City Domination

With your coins, you can buy items to increase your ability to steal or defend your turf. Use these items to get the most out of every step.

Important Game Mechanics

Attack icon

Attack - How you steal blocks

Attack is your ability to steal blocks from enemy teams. Every time you move through a block your team does not own, you will lower the health of their blocks by the same amount as your attack stat.

If your attack stat is greater than the block health, you will capture that block for yourself and your team.

Pro Tip: Zoom in to see the health of every block

Defense icon

Defense - How you protect your own blocks

Defense is your ability to protect your own blocks from enemy teams. Every time you move through your own or your team’s block, you will increase the health of the block by the same amount as your defense stat.

The higher the health of your and your team’s blocks, the more times other teams will have to move through the blocks to capture them.

Pro Tip: 1000 is the max health of a block

Level up badge

XPerience and Level Up

You can gain XPerience the following ways during your activity:
- Capture more blocks
- Attack and defend blocks
- Complete loops (closed circles) while moving

Gaining XPerience allows you to level up and increase your attack and defense stats.

Pro Tip: There are powerful features and items you can unlock at certain levels in the game coin icon


Coins are the rent you can collect from each block you’ve captured. For up to 48 hours after claiming an area, you can collect 1 coin per hour.

Those coins can be used to buy in-game powerups that make it easier for you to capture, attack, or defend more blocks!

Pro Tip: If you lose a block before you claim your tokens, you will also loose the chance to claim those coins!

Power-Ups to Accelerate your Domination

Attack up icon

Attack Up

Double your Attack Stat for 10 mins to capture more enemy blocks on your move!

Best Used: Enemy blocks with high health

Defense up icon

Defense Up

Double your Defense Stat for 10 mins to increase the health of your blocks on your move!

Best Used: Your or your team's blocks with low health

Range expander icon

Range Expander

Expand your radius of effect from one block to 9 blocks surrounding you as you move.

Best Used: Steal or defend a large domain of blocks

Turf bomb icon

Turf Bomb

Halves the health of enemy blocks up to a 3 block radius surrounding you.

Best Used: Damage a large domain of blocks